Dangers of the Outback

Hey Mates! Zang here, while I was traveling with Barnaby Budgie, we came across the banks of a beautiful billabong.  We noticed it was fully of scary looking crocodiles, the biggest being Corky Crocodile. Corky is a crotchety old crocodile who likes more than anything to be left alone.  He doesn’t even like flies buzzing around him so he always wears his cork hat to keep them off his face. When Barnaby and I got too close, Corky’s jaws snapped shut on the very tip of my tail! Luckily we got away just in time, but I’ll never forget meeting Corky up close and personal.


After hopping into Corky, we found ourselves running for our tails from Dino and his pack of drooling dingoes. Dino Dingo (the leader of the pack) doesn’t have very good manners; he chews with his mouth open and his favorite food is a Pippa-Roni Pizza!  He has quite a temper and appetite for my mates and me. Dino is definitely a dingo we all have to watch out for!


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