It’s here – Zangadoo Kangaroo – An Australian Adventure Game

ATTENTION MATES! Be the first to download and play our newly released free iPhone game (iPad and iPod touch compatible too!).Zangadoo Kangaroo: An Australian Adventure Game

You can find it here in the App Store online or search for it in the App Store on your phone.

Here’s the game description:

Help Zangadoo and his little brother Joey find their way home after losing their magic boomerang. 

With the support of their closest mates Emily Emu, Pippa Platypus, Barnaby Budgie, Wally Wombat, and Cooper Koala, you can help our stars navigate five challenging levels: the Outback, Billabong, Rainforest, Beach, and then back home to Zillaroo, Australia. 

Along the way pesky dingoes, crocodiles and other exhilarating Australian obstacles make for a wild and amazing adventure. And when things get a little scary, Zangadoo’s magic boomerang is right at your finger tips to help save the day!

 Remember to have fun and share the game with all your mates.


– Zangadoo & Friends

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