My Family

I live with my Mum, dad, and baby brother Joey in the town of Zillaroo, Australia.

My Mum, – known here in Zillaroo as Mrs. K – is kind, caring, and cool.  She loves to surf.  In fact, she’s the best in all of Australia! But her real passion is for my baby brother Joey and I.  We keep Mum very busy, but we always have a blast.  She’s the best mum ever!


My Dad, or as everyone here calls him Mr. K,  loves to fly his bush plane and is a huge collector of all sorts of neat things.  He loves Mum and is always calling her his “sweet petunia.” The most precious object in his whole collection is his ancient wooden boomerang that was passed down from his father, Grandpa K. It’s my dad’s prized possession, outside of  Joey and I.


Joey is my baby brother.  He may not be bigger than a bean, but don’t let that fool you!  He is always the center of attention. He’s great at making messes and keeping Mum busy.   Joey just started learning how to hop and as his big brother I have a lot to teach him.


As you can see, even though we all look alike we are very different from each other. I love my family very much and I am so glad to be reunited with them after my very scary adventure in The Outback.

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