The Gang

Hi Mates,

Have you met my gang?

Pippa Platypus is my very best friend. She may be shy, but she surely has some serious swimming skills!  Image

Wally Wombat is so strong. With just one throw, he got my mysterious boomerang stuck in a gum tree! He feels bad about what he did, but accidents happen.


Cooper Koala is an expert tree climber who is even better at taking naps.


My mates and I love to explore and play. Ever since my dad gave me my mysterious boomerang, we have had some amazing adventures outside of Zillaroo!

Hello Friends!

G’ day mates. I’m Zangadoo. Welcome to our diary.

On here my friends and I plan on sharing all kinds of fun stuff with you – our friends and fans!

We’ll be taking you all on an epic journey though the wild Australian Outback (and beyond). We’ll be hosting contests and giveaways where you can win free Zangadoo toys, catchy ringtones, and other fun down under prizes.


Come back throughout the week to watch fun and educational videos & cartoons that might just make you hippity hop and howl out in laughter.

For those of you who are more adventurous, we’ll have games and mental challenges that will celebrate all things Australian.

So join us as we boomerangaroo our way through the wild Outback. We’d love for you to join us.


Zangadoo & Friends

Zangadoo Kangaroo and the Mysterious Boomerang Now Available!


In case you missed it – because you were soaking up the sun on Australia’s Gold Coast – our children’s book, Zangadoo Kangaroo and the Mysterious Boomerang, is now available on AmazonNook, and iBook.

The story features Zangadoo Kangaroo who lives with his mum, dad, and bouncing baby brother Joey in the town of Zillaroo, Australia. One Saturday, Zangadoo’s dad finally lets him take the mysterious family boomerang to the playground.  When Wally Wombat throws the boomerang, it gets stuck at the top of the gum tree.  Zangadoo leaps to get it…but he keeps going and going until he’s lost in the wilds of the Australian Outback!

The book follows the adventures of Zangadoo and his closest mates as they navigate the vast – and sometimes scary – Outback in their attempt to find a way home. It’s a wonderful story of friendship, fortitude, adversity, & adventure.

We’d love for you to read the book and to let us know how much you enjoyed our story!

Check out our book trailer below…